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All About Magnetic Eyelashes

Want beautiful, longer, and fuller eyelashes? There are many options – growth serums, lash extensions, and even lengthening mascaras. But, here’s an option you might not have considered: fake eyelashes (also called “falsies”). These are easier (and look better) than ever with the introduction of magnetic eyelashes. They are the beauty secret of many stylists and celebrities.

We’re going to talk about the best magnetic eyelashes.

What’s even better – these are easy to apply yourself (and take off!), last a long time, and look great. Enjoy the glamour of high-end, salon extensions for a fraction of the cost. And best of all – these are very affordable. There’s no reason not to give them a try!

The One Two Lash vs other Magnetic Eyelashes
The “One Two Lash“, made by One Two Cosmetics were the first non-adhesive lash. They are very nice, but they are also very expensive, costing $69.99 or more. You may want to experiment with less costly alternatives, such as those recommended here, before you settle on a look. Expensive isn’t always better – you might be surprised by the results of reviews and comparisons on Amazon and other sites.

How They Work

Of course your natural eyelashes aren’t magnetic – but the magnetic eyelashes will connect to each other, and your natural lashes thanks to tiny magnets. There are synthetic eyelashes and those made with natural materials, such as human hair or mink fur. The natural materials look and feel more natural, but there are high quality synthetic materials as well – that are cruelty free. And all of these products can be re-used often up to 25 times or more.

What to look for in a quality product? The best magnetic eyelashes have these features:

  • Reusability – Care for them properly, and store them correctly and many of these can be re-used 25 times or more.
  • Glue free – Look for a product that doesn’t require adhesive glue – this will make them easier to apply, and make less of a mess. A glue-free design means that the lashes will not irritate your eyes or cause damage to your natural eye lashes.
  • Lightweight – The lighter the lashes, the more comfortable and natural they will feel. A lighter thinner lash is easier to wear for a long amount of time, and the thinner lashes will better blend with your natural lashes. Prolonged wear is not an issue with the right lightweight lash.
  • Natural materials – Those made with natural materials tend to look more realistic, and may feel better as well. High quality synthetic materials such as silk are good as well.

How To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

First, let’s be clear, you should always follow the exact instructions for the product you purchase. Those instructions should be provided in the box with the eyelashes. But in general, the process works as follows. Remember there is a pair of lashes for each eye – one for the upper and one for the lower. The magnets work in conjunction and your natural lashes will be “sandwiched” between the two halves. Let’s review how these are applied:

  1. Curl your natural lashes
  2. Put on some mascara to hold the curl
  3. Carefully bend the magnetic lashes to adjust the curve
  4. Trim the magnetic lashes to match your natural eye length
  5. Hold one piece of magnetic false eyelash over your eye
  6. Position the lash on top of your natural lashes so that the outer edge is in line with the edge of your natural lash line.
  7. Leave the top lash where it is and pick up the bottom lash.
  8. Place the bottom lash under your natural lashes to meet and connect with the top lash magnet.

Does this take a little bit of practice? Yes, at first, but after you get the hang of it, they are very easy to apply.

How to trim fake eyelashes
It’s easiest to use a pair of cuticle scissors. Line the lash up with your eyes, decide how much to take off, then cut.

How To Care for Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are a light-weight and delicate product – they have to be to look natural and feel comfortable. For the longest life of your magnetic eyelashes, always do the following:

  • Store the magnetic eyelashes in the provided storage case when not in use.
  • Take lashes off before washing your face, showering, and sleeping.
  • Do not apply makeup directly on magnetic eyelashes. Never apply mascara directly to the magnetic eyelashes.
  • You can use a wet or damp tissue to clean the eyelashes, but do not attempt to wash them directly.

How to Choose the Best Style for Your Eyes

Magnetic Eyelashes - Before and after

To find the best style for you, keep these points in mind. Are your eyes smaller than average? Then you probably want to elongate the look of your lashes. Look for eyelashes that are thicker in the outer corner – this will help make your eye look wider (or longer). For wide set eyes – look for some that have the most lashes in the middle or center of the eye. Lastly, for deep-set eyes, use longer lash strips. Remember that most of these lashes can be customized to what you need – so maybe you want to experiment with a few sets of these before you finalize on a look.

Further, there are different looks and styles:

  • Full width – Full length lashes can be 30mm or more in width – to cover the entire length of the eye. It’s a dramatic look – but still natural.
  • 2/3 width – A lash that covers 2/3rds of the eye is an in-between option: your outer corners are enhanced, but your real lashes will still be visible. This will provide a very natural look.
  • 1/3 width – Looking for a subtle, yet elegant enhancement to your natural lashes? Go for 1/3 length.
  • Combination sets – Because magnetic eyelashes are so affordable, you can get a combination set that has both full and half length lashes.
  • Different Hues – Most magnetic eyelashes are dark. But there are some that have different hues to complement different skin tones. For example, AsaVea sells a set with a natural brown hue that compliments those with a lighter skin tone.
  • Extra Length – Extra long lashes provide a very sexy, dramatic look. But look for an ultra-lightweight pair – to ensure comfort.
  • Bold and Extra Bold – Want a daring, extravagant look? Go for bold or extra bold – these dark lashes with lots of volume can be seen across the room. Perfect for that “red carpet” event when you want to make a splash.

How Do These Compare to One Two Cosmetics Magnetic Eyelashes? (The One Two Lash)

One Two Cosmetics makes a very high quality product – the One Two Lash. It was the first non-adhesive, light-weight, and reusable, magnetic lash. They offer a variety of styles (bold, extra bold, etc.) and come with a storage case. But you can enjoy the ease of use, and beautiful look for a much reduced price by using our recommended products instead.

In either case, you’ll save a lot of money compared to standard salon lash extensions – which can be well over $100 for a single visit – and only last a few weeks.

Why Magnetic Eyelashes Are Better

Want beautiful eyes? You’ve got options. But let’s talk about why magnetic eyelashes are the better eye beauty enhancement:

  • Mascara – Of course we recommend mascara. Mascara is a basic beauty tool – it can be used to darken, thicken, lengthen, and define the eyelashes. But it can only do so much! If your eyelashes are thin, sparse, or short – you can benefit from “falsies”.
  • Lash extensions – These can cost hundreds of dollars ($100-$200 on average), require glue, and are typically applied by a salon technician. It’s a lot of time and hassle. And they only last for about a month!
  • Fake eyelashes with glue – Self applied lash extensions that use an adhesive glue are available. But these are messy, can damage your lashes, and are difficult to take off, as well as to put on.
  • Eyelash growth serum – Lash growth serums are expensive, and take at least 2 weeks to show effects, and can take up to 6 weeks for optimal effect. Further, you must continue to use these all the time.

Where to Buy

There are many brands available, including: One Two Cosmetics, Ulta, Ardell, Sephora, AsaVea, and more.

The products we recommend here will let you get started for a reasonable price. And check the magnetic eyelash reviews – honestly, the quality and ease of applying these will surprise you. And these are so cost effective, you can have two or three sets (and different styles) for the cost of one One Two Lash set.

How Does This Compare to Eyelash Growth Serum?

Beautiful eyes must have beautiful lashes - and this is easier than ever thanks to magnetic lashes

How do magnetic eyelashes compare to eyelash growth serum? Mainly you’ll obviously see quicker results with the magnetic eyelashes – put them on and you are set. Eyelash growth serum, on the other hand, is a more time involved process – results start to show in 2 weeks of daily use, and may not reach a maximum until 6 weeks! How does eyelash growth serum work? It is a treatment enriched with conditioning peptides and fatty acids that stimulate and promote growth and stronger eyelashes. An eyelash growth serum will give you the ultimate in natural, beautiful eyelashes for your body. But magnetic will offer quicker results – and you will not be bound by your genetics!

How about a one-two punch? Enhance your natural eyelashes with lash growth serum and use a great set of magnetic eyelashes for extra glamour on demand.

In Summary – Magnetic Eyelashes

In summary, magnetic eyelashes are a beauty game changer – glue-free, reusable, and easy to put on, and take off – they are a great option for everyone.

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