Gift Ideas – GORUCK backpacks

GORUCK backpacks make a great premium gift for men

Need a great gift idea for men?

GORUCK manufactures premium backpacks and accessories.

There gear is designed by ex-Special Forces personnel. It’s got a tough appeal, but it’s also functional and looks good as well.

Why do the GORUCK bags make a great gift?

First of all, they are a premium product – and sometimes that makes the best gift. Give someone something nicer than they might buy themselves – and they’ll really appreciate the gift.

GORUCK offers a range of bags that are tough, customizable, and look good.

Let’s review them here.

GORUCK GR1 Backpack


First, we’ll start with GORUCK’s foundational backpack – the GR1.

The design of this backpack was done by ex Special Forces personnel – they wanted to build better gear, but they also wanted it to work for people not in the military.

And, they really hit the mark with the GR1.

First of all, it’s available in two sizes – 21 liters or capacity or 26 liters of capacity. More capacity is more room – more storage.

How to decide which to get? If your gift recipient is 5′ 8″ or less in height go for the 21L model – otherwise get the 26L.

What can these be used for? Just about anything. First of all, the GR1 is an outstanding laptop backpack. It has a dedicated laptop compartment as well as an internal sleeve perfect for iPads, tablets, or smaller size notebooks (like the Macbook Pro 13″.)

But it’s just at home hiking, fishing, or hunting.

Why? Because this is a versatile “lay flat” bag. It’s more akin to a suitcase for your back than a traditional laptop bag.

And that’s a good thing when you want to carry a variety of gear.

It’s rainproof, built from super-tough 1000D Cordura, and has a lifetime warranty.

It’s perfect for the outdoorsman.

More capacity – GR2 and GR3

A 26 liter bag is larger than a day pack, but probably not sufficient for a week long trip.

GORUCK also offers the GR2 backpack in 34L and 40L sizes. A man can use this for a full weeklong trip, in many cases.

The GR2 has many of the same features as the GR1, but being larger it is also more expensive.

Want the ultimate in storage capacity?

The GR3 is the bag for that. It’s very large and would be great for long trips – but won’t work as an “every day carry” bag like the GR1 or GR2 will.

It’s more akin to having a suitcase on your back. If that’s what you need, it’s perfect.

Smaller bags – GORUCK Bullet

Sometimes you just want a day pack – and the GORUCK Bullet fits that need.

This is a small backpack available in 10L and 15L sizes.

Perfect for day trips, it is lighter weight, streamlined, and looks good.

GORUCK backpacks make a great premium gift for men

GORUCK KR1 – Rucksack for kids

They’ve even got the KR1 model for kids!

GORUCK KR1 is the perfect backpacks for kids

GORUCK Gift Ideas

In summary, the GORUCK backpacks make a great gift for men. The backpacks are tough, functional, and look good.

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